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I'Pre'63 property is a reference to property that was laid out in flats

before 1963 when the first planning legislation was passed.

Traditionally they offered a higher rate of return for investors and

were referred too as bedsitters.

In 2011 legislation was passed the had a huge impact on this sector of the

property market with a wide range of requirements

required under various headings from fire safety to ensuite toilets.

This in many cases reduced the number of units in each house and

many owners already under financial pressure sold up or exited the

sector as the cost of the works and reduced income made the ability too

do the works difficult.

The whole property market is now heavily regulated in every aspect and this

area of the property market requires an extensive knowledge not only of

the property market but the housing standards, Fire safety,and obligations of


Since 2000 Tim Mc Donald has being letting and managing PRE'63 property

all over the greater Dublin area.He has huge knowledge of the area and

deals with Dublin City council environmental inspections and Fire officer

inspections as apart of the service.

Tim Mc Donald has qualifications n Property,Buildings,Finance,and Planning.

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business website

PRE'63 Dublin  Property Management

NorthSide: 363 North Circular Road Phibsboro Dublin 7

T:8601392 M:086-2470895

Southside:6 Trinity Street Dublin 2. T:6766616

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Contact Pre'63 Dublin property management T:8601392

Property licence No 001138

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